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Because You Need Your Freight Delivered On Time

Without the delays caused by damage, theft from prying eyes, or cleanup from road salt and dirt.

Arctic Fox Logistics has hauled wood moulding, roof top air conditioners, steel, manufacturing equipment, electronic equipment, airplane engines/parts, and more. We have your freight covered in the western United States and Canada.

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Deliveries To Western
U.S. And Canada
Reduced Theft With
Covered Loads
Loads Stay Untouched,
Clean And Dry
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Figure 1: Moving our tarp to the middle of the trailer for unloading the front and back.

We Save You Up To 2 Hours A Day

  • Quicker Deliveries Because Of Reduced Tarping Time – Drivers can save 1 to 2 hours per day in tarping time which speeds up deliver of your freight.
  • Access To Your Freight In Any Order You Need – System can be opened and closed, both front and back, from the ground.

Figure 2: Head boards are aerodynamic. Saving around 5% of fuel costs.

Introducing Fuel Surcharge Savings

  • Our aerodynamic round cornered headboard saves approximately 5% of fuel costs over our competitor’s square cornered headboards.
  • Lightweight design means we can carry your heavier freight and reduce fuel costs.

Figure 3: Your freight stays untouched, clean, and dry.

Finally Reduced Damage Claims

  • No more loss due to inadequate tarping. Loads stay clean and dry.

Careers With Arctic Fox Logistics

Current Opportunities:

  • Long Haul Drivers

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Recent News

June 30th, 2014
New Website
We have created a new website to better meet our customers needs. 
June 30th, 2014
Welcome to our website.
Thank you for visiting our website. Contact us to find out how we can help with your transporting needs. 
June 12, 2015
Today marks the 2nd anniversary since Arctic Fox began. We started with one truck and have now grown into a fleet of 8 trucks.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our story.  
July 20, 2018
Mistakes Were Made

Our new operations assistant, Mitchell, accidentally deleted our website's entire homepage.  He is very sorry for this and is working hard to return the website to it's former glory.


Please Support Samuel Brandt's Family

Our friend and co-worker, Samuel, was not feeling well Thursday morning. He decided to take himself to the clinic to get checked out. 

From there he was sent to the Victoria Hospital for an EKG test.  Samuel drove himself to the clinic and the Victoria hospital.  Samuel's heart rate was really low at about 45 ppm. He was transferred by ambulance to emergency at St Boniface Hospital where he was further tested and assessed.  His heart rate was really low, but everything else checked out on the surface.  The one thing they could tell is that his electrical pulses in his heart were not conducting properly.  The top half of a person's heart sends a signal to the bottom half of the heart  This signal starts your heart beat. Well, the the neural pathway between the two halves of Samuel's heart was blocked. This condition is called 'Heart Block'. It's why the elderly get pacemakers. This condition is not normal in a person the age of 37 who has been active.  They don't know what caused this but are looking further.  

On Thursday night I was there with Samuel and we talked for a couple hours until I left at 12:15AM. he was conscious and trying to rest.  But at 3am approximately there was a significant event.  His heart stopped.  They started CPR and he was transferred to ICU.  In the ICU they worked on Samuel giving him CPR for 2+ hours and then putting him on full life support when his body responded around 6:00AM.  Samuel was unconscious and remained so.  After this, further testes were done and some remain inconclusive.  Samuel was supported from Friday early morning until Saturday afternoon once the entire immediate family had been gathered.

Samuel leaves his wife of 2 years and 4 month son behind.  There is no life insurance or other windfall for this young family.  Please consider supporting them. A GoFundMe page has been started. https://www.gofundme.com/5vv8v5c.                             





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